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Taking The Plunge With A Scuba Wedding

Many divers are opting to ‘take the plunge’ quite literally with a SCUBA Wedding. Underwater weddings are becoming increasingly popular in a lot of dive destinations, South Florida, Thailand and Australia in particular. While not an entirely new concept, underwater nuptials have become a lot more do-able and interactive due to advanced technology. An underwater wedding usually starts of with a boat ride to an off shore dive site, not too deep but with clear waters. Sail boats are often used and many packages offer a pre dive as well as post dive champagne and snack on board. Although the couple can choose to wear traditional wedding attire, simplicity in choosing the clothing is called for or just black and white wetsuits are recommended.Earlier and in some locations even today, vows were taken by holding up signs like “I Do'”. But today, with the latest in underwater communication technology divers and the attending guests are fitted and shown how to use underwater communications gear, allowing them to answer each other verbally. Some operators like Pro Dive have glass bottom boats for guests who prefer not getting their attire wet, to view the ceremony which includes the vows, exchange of rings and the 1st kiss. Many a times the signing of the certificate takes place on the boat and pictures with the license taken back underwater.With the possibility of underwater photography, videography and even music Scuba weddings are a perfect setting for Scuba lovers, with the deep blue ocean backdrop or even a wreck or reef, colorful tropical fish in attending it’s a natural themed option. Think about how much you can save on flowers and decorations, chairs and a gazebo. The post ceremony celebration is easily arranged either on a boat or back on the beach, what could be a more memorable day? A destination wedding and honeymoon in one!So if you are one to show how deep your love is, consider an underwater ceremony you and your significant other won’t ever forget. With the endless options and possibilities of a Scuba wedding, love won’t just be in the air but in the oceans as well!

* Image credits: Photos by Nemo’s great uncle, snikrap on flickr

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