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Construction Engineer

We provide consulting for all stages of construction. From take-off to final inspection. We'll review terms, contracts, materials, quality control and ensure you are getting the highest quality, at a fair price. 

We provide private inspections aside any licensed inspector or contractor to ensure there is no bias and your build is truly of quality. We provide an in depth evaluation and report. 

We investigate unfair practices and ensure steps are being followed in accordance with normal operations. 

Building Consultants, Investigations
and Inspections. 
Serving Saratoga, Clifton Park, Capital Region and More. We find the issue. 


  1. Saratoga Springs building inspections

  2. Construction investigator Saratoga Springs

  3. Building code compliance Saratoga Springs

  4. Construction site inspections Saratoga Springs

  5. Property inspection services Saratoga Springs

  6. Building safety inspections Saratoga Springs

  7. Construction project oversight Saratoga Springs

  8. Building inspector Saratoga Springs NY

  9. Construction quality control Saratoga Springs

  10. Building permit inspections Saratoga Springs

  11. Residential building inspections Saratoga Springs

  12. Commercial property inspections Saratoga Springs

  13. Structural inspections Saratoga Springs

  14. Construction defects investigation Saratoga Springs

  15. Code enforcement inspections Saratoga Springs

  16. Real estate inspection services Saratoga Springs

  17. Building condition assessment Saratoga Springs

  18. Construction dispute resolution Saratoga Springs

  19. Home inspection Saratoga Springs NY

  20. Foundation inspection Saratoga Springs


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