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Changes to Jack Of All Divers (JOAD)

JOAD, known as Jack Of All Divers, will be making some changes in the coming months. To start- the name; it will be now refered to as JOAD, but still operating officially as Jack Of All Divers, LLC. The reason for this change is diverse, but it also includes a new image. We will no longer just be scuba, lawn and snow- we will be an underwater, property and handyman service.

What does this mean for you- the customer or client? It means we will be able to do more. Complete property maintenance and management from inside and out of your home and business. If we can't do it, we will find someone who can and whom is qualified to do so. Furthermore, we will be providing handyman services for all those in need of small jobs for your home or business. You will see many changes in the coming months and we hope to see even more as the years go on.

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