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Snowplowing, Salting and Care! Free no hassle estimate.
Our philosophy with snow maintenance is to provide reliable and caring service, with a limited number of clientele at an increased premium as opposed to servicing unlimited people at a discounted price. This is because we take pride in any work we do, and expect you to want a professional service. 24 hours a day we operate and continue until the storm is gone and your lot is cleared. It also allows us to take care of residential driveways instead of only commercial ones.  

2021-22' Season Rates

*Average Residential Driveway

Seasonal Rates - Starting at $800/ Season, based on average driveway. Billed over 5 months, (+tax).


*Average Residential Driveway + Salting

Seasonal Rates - Starting at $1,200/ Season, based on average driveway. Billed over 5 months, (+tax).

NOTE: This price is for any snowfall amount.  Includes unlimited returns to the property and salting after storms or during icy periods.  

* Commercial Lots

Our commercial rates can be as low as $250/month.

Although it greatly depends on the size, trigger, needs, etc. Inquire today for a free quote. 

Additional Services

       1)Shoveling/Sidewalk Service  


       3)Roof raking of average size, first

           story/short story, homes. Roof rake up to 3' back                 after conclusion of storm. 

       These may be requested on an as needed basis so              long as we know you are interested.

*If you require an alternative plan, please contact us.

*Restrictions do apply as laid out in the contract. Such examples include safety hazards, marking, removing snow off property, etc. Contact us to find out more.

*Tax not included


Snow blowing:


Our Snow blowing service occurs differently than snowplowing service.  Usually this service is for those who have no room for plows, but can wait a while as we provide this service after we are done snowplowing which can be up to 24 hours after a storm has ended. This service is not optimal for those concerned about accumulating snow or must be in and out often. 

Snow Management

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