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Recovery, Search and More

Did your ATV, Snowmobile, Dirt bike or other off-road toy fall into the water?  Now you have to retrieve it to avoid fines from every municipality in New York? Perhaps you have an immediate need for a winter diver.  In any case, we can provide you with service dependent upon the circumstance.  Divers are taught to make it quick and painless on both the diver and consumer.  Calculating the depth with the terrain, and other limiting circumstances, Jack Of All Divers, LLC will always charge the best possible price given it's the winter.


NOTE: Clubs and Associations would benefit from contracting services and paying a member fee to save money.  This would include retaining services for all who are a part of the group.  

Winter Time Diving Service

Off-Road Recovery

Jack Of All Divers will enter the frozen waters to acquire your off-road toy, and help avoid fines and proceedings. 


Pricing:  -The minimum fee is $200 to respond to a call.

                 -We charge the remaining amount based on depth,

                  terrain, risk and time. 


                 -There are times when we are incapable of doing a

                  winter dive and will either have to wait for spring, or

                  try and contact another service.

Other General Service

We can do work under the water if you need service during the cold season.  Let us help with you an all important construction project; or maybe you're just in fear that something like your dock needs attention.  If it can wait till warmer months, we'll let you know.  If it needs immediate attention, we'll let you know that too.


At any time; the customer may request consult or similar service that has not been pointed out here in the list.  As mentioned, the services listed are not all inclusive and continuously expand based off of jobs completed.  All jobs are considered.

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