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Pool Maintenance And Service

Is it agonizing to have to drain the entire pool just to clean it or fix a simple patch?  Does hiring a professional at your local pool shop cost several hundred, even thousands of dollars make you uncomfortable?  Divers Enterprises providers can sidestep draining the pool and go right under without any delay and fix that patch, or give it a good cleaning.  Avoiding hassle, time and of course, spending extra money.

Pool Cleaning and Regular Service

*We do in depth cleanings and regular service to include:

-Netting, brushing and vacuuming as needed.

-Test chemistry - Chlorine, pH, Alk, Conditioner, etc.


-Inspect equipment and operation

-Check and notate water levels

-Empty pump and skimmers

-Backwash as needed



Pool cleaning costs are calculated by Square Footage:

This helps lower costs by paying for what is actually being cleaned and attended to, which can help due to all the different pool sizes and shapes.


Pool Repair





Divers Enterprises, LLC will find and patch leaks, issues and systems within your pool in its' entirety. This is a more popular option, comparative to having to drain the whole pool or sometimes, having to call the local shop.



1)Pool Inspection: $150

  A) Patch: +$25

  B) Re-track Liner Bead: +$100/ per foot

  C) Filter system patch: By Case

       C1) Filter system clean-out: +$200 (If needed)

       C2) Supplies Specific

  D) Plumbing system: If pressure testing the PVC exposes a   leak within the line, special equipment will then be used to locate the leak.

     D2) Repair PVC leaks: The cost of this process is

highly dependent upon the location of the leak. Main drain leaks, if under the pool, are considerably more labor intensive than a leak 3 feet under grass. If the line is leaking under the deck/slab or pool, this usually means cutting through concrete and digging to the problem.  This is more so the case for in ground pools, as above grounds usually do not following similar schematics.  However; every case is different.  

  E) Equipment leaks: At times, pool pumps, filters and heaters may be the source of the problem. Not particularly the plumbing, but systematical issues such as electrical or blockage.  If this is the case, we would consult with the consumer to examine the best possible solution. 


* These reflect a lot of issues, but not all. If another issue is possible, consult with us and we can determine a solution, whether it be advice, help or referral.



At any time; the customer may request consult or similar service that has not been pointed out here in the list.  As mentioned, the services listed are not all inclusive and continuously expand based off of jobs completed.  All jobs are considered.

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