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GoPro Video and Imaging

The GoPro offers the best, and most efficient underwater imaging, aside expensive and bulky gear.  You can view some images in the gallery and across the site; most were captured in low-medium visibility. We also have some video scattered throughout the website and in the gallery, all done by the GoPro.  We provide a range of available services at a lower cost thanks to the evolution of the GoPro.

Image and Copy

This service refers to recording video or capturing pictures on a predetermined sized SD card, which is simply then handed over to the customer.


Costs Include:

-Chosen SD Card

-Hourly rate of $100

Image and Edit

This service involves the editing and transfer of media to a medium chosen by the customer, such as a DVD or USB drive. 

The cost is similar to imaging and copy, but with the added expense of editing after the fact.


Costs Include:

-Capturing Cost

-Materials (SD Card, and chosen Medium/ per copy)

-Flat rate for editing: $40/ Per 15 Minutes of Video or 50 Pictures.

At any time; the customer may request consult or similar service that has not been pointed out here in the list.  As mentioned, the services listed are not all inclusive and continuously expand based off of jobs completed.  All jobs are considered.

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