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New York State Permits and Requirements

Building Permitting:

         Every town and municipality is different, but generally similar. We will do all the heavy lifting for you by ensuring you plan does indeed require, or not, a permit.  We will go through the process of filing for the permit, meeting with the inspector to ensure the work is quality and up to code, and then proceed to finish the permit as required. 

Invasive Species Permitting:

         New York State recently enacted Invasive Species regulations known as 6 NYCRR Part 575.  This regulation speaks to the affect invasive species is having in the state, which is similar all over the nation.  The regulation speaks to the permit needed for scientific and educational purposes however, if harvesting- a permit is not always required.  UNLESS it is within the Adirondack Park; near wetlands, protected streams and rivers; and other regulated areas- which then requires permitting.  Divers Enterprises, LLC always consults with the DEC, and APA if within the park, to determine if any permits are needed.  It is customary that the consumer or municipality inquire for a permit, given the project, and then provides proof.  However; Divers Enterprises, LLC will inquire for permits if needed.  If invasive harvesting is done outside the park, we will consult with the DEC to determine if a permit is needed and if one has already been obtained.  If no permit is needed, then work can start immediately.  If the consumer would like chemical destruction of invasive species, then a permit is required by the state however; Divers Enterprises, LLC prefers not to, as it is damaging to the native species, including wildlife.  Hand harvesting, mechanical harvesting and the use of benthic mats are the preferred methods, and always first considered. 


General Permitting:

       If the consumer would like to have work done on their private land as it touches the waters, the consumer may apply for a non-jurisdictional permit as a general work order depending on the job being performed.  There are many stipulations that require permitting; some examples include disrupting the banks of lakes and disrupting the natural order of wildlife.


The Adirondack Park Agency (APA) has drafted the APA Act-Executive Law Article 27, The Freshwater       Wetlands Act-Environmental Conservation Law Article 24 and for private land, The Adirondack Park, The Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers System Act- Environmental Conservation Law Article 15- Title 27.   

Divers Enterprises, LLC abides by these acts in the case of APA consumers looking to have work done.

Please inquire to see what is needed if you fall within the park; please refer to the APA website to view

maps, rules and regulations.   

Outside The Park:


For consumers outside the park, we consult directly with the Department of Environmental Conservation.  The DEC sometimes requires multiple permits given the job however: Divers Enterprises, LLC is usually in the clear from needing permits due to the fact that we do not construct, but rather maintain.  However, as with the APA- Divers Enterprises, LLC will always consult with a DEC representative and be sure that no permits are necessary.


The following links provide information:

NOTE: Take into consideration that the process can be time consuming and in depth.  However; the explained above is by no means definitive to a particular situation, and is by no means a cut and dry case.  Meaning, the aforementioned can describe your situation, but differ in actual permitting needed.  In most cases, permitting is not needed however, Divers Enterprises, LLC will check with the proper authorities in any case to be sure for both the company and consumer.   

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