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Dock Bubbler System (DBS)


After many months of researching and looking for a dock bubbler system which serves the every need of the customer, it became apparent that such a thing his hard to come by.  With that in mind, we have decided to not only design and sell our own system, but to install and warranty it as well. That's a one stop shop.

Why Dock Bubbler Systems?

Traditional systems work by opening large pools of water through one unit at the bottom of the water bed.  They often look and operate like big fans; keeping the water moving through air bubbles and constant flow. These systems do work, but they have their limits. 

This open pool of water creates canals for breaking ice, especially during spring, to float across and pick up increasing speed- then damaging the property which you were trying to protect. A DBS allows for a concentrated area to be opened around said property. This cuts the connection between ice and property, saving it from shifting damage. Furthermore, because it is an isolated system; there are no free channels for ice to flow through and cause damage.


Liability and Safety

Remember that open body of water? What if a fisher or sport enthusiast is riding a long and falls through that body of water? A DBS creates only a disconnection between dock and ice- keeping liability low and safety high.

Please consult for more.    

JOAD will consult with the consumer to determine your specific need and only buy and sell what is needed for your application. Therefore, there is no waste. We then install it ourselves and put a warranty on it. If something happens, then we fix it.


After consulting with the consumer and determining his or her needs, we provide all the parts necessary to installing a system which works for them.  This includes a pump, hose to length, conections etc.

Please note an oustide power source is needed for this application.  Outdoor protection boxes are available.

We provide a warranty on not only the unit, but the service as well. Because we do both, you can feel more comfortable with the purchase and system.



We will provide the installation needed after a design plan and purchase is made for your setup.

Please inquire today to get a quote for your dock or water structure today.

More information to follow.

Provided by Lake George Association

At any time; the customer may request consult or similar service that has not been pointed out here in the list.  As mentioned, the services listed are not all inclusive and continuously expand based off of jobs completed.  All jobs are considered.

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