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Cleanup and More

Clean Up & Care

-Jack Of All Divers, LLC provides raking services for those times of the year when the leafs fall, or you just had a bad storm knocking branches all over.  Default service includes leaf blowing or raking to a pile or edge of property. You can request a compost bin to make your own. We do any type of yard clean-up, just inquire and we can check it out.



*Raking and Removal


      No Obligation

Additional Options:



-Gutter Clean

-Debris Clean Up

-Structure Cleaning


-All General Requests


NOTE: You may combine services to save even more.

Compost Bin

-Would you like to create your own compost?  Let us build you a compost bin, allowing you to throw a whole years' worth of debris in box.  Best of all, you know what's in it and can use it to feed your own garden.



  Compost Box: $99 (2.5 by 2.5. Treated wood to withstand elements.)

   -You can link boxes together.

   -You can have them painted or stained.



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